The Complete Gamefolio System

Comes with 1 Vault Bag, 4 Standard Gamefolio Cases, 24 individual zippered pouches, 1 Shoulder Strap, and our Lifetime Guarantee. (Games pictured, NOT included.)

The Gamefolio System is an adaptable, intelligent, purpose built system of bags, cases & accessories for tabletop and board gaming enthusiasts. Our system is custom designed to make playing, transporting, storing and protecting your games easy, safe and simple. It works with board games, card games, dice games and various other kinds of games. Perfect for game nights with friends, traveling with your games, gaming conventions or tournaments, as well as playing, organizing, protecting and storing your games at home.

This is THE essential tabletop game bag solution and its custom, purpose built design allows it to do things other bags can't. There is no other system like it. Your gaming experience will never be the same!

The Vault duffle bag works great with our Gamefolio cases or directly with your games & boxes. The Vault bag can hold 4-5 standard Gamefolio cases, depending on how full each case is.

Each standard Gamefolio Case also includes 6 individual, clear zippered pouches for organizing your game pieces within your Gamefolio case.

Our Gamefolio bags & cases are made of quality materials that are strong, durable, lightweight, flexible and water resistant. We’ve combined that with additional padding and high-quality hardware so that The Gamefolio System takes care of your games like a boss.

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