Use Gamefolios for Sewing Supply Organization!

October 10, 2018

Use Gamefolios for Sewing Supply Organization!

Imagine it’s Halloween and you are throwing a costume party. Your best friend pulls you aside to explain they are having a potential wardrobe malfunction crisis with their sexy tomato costume! Luckily you have your Gamefolio with all your sewing supplies beautifully organized and can quickly whip out that zipper pouch containing some red thread and a needle. You quickly mend the costume saving your friend’s night and even slip back into the party without anyone noticing you had left.

Let's just say this scenario is preferred to the alternative of digging through random boxes and loose cut up fabrics in hopes of finding the red thread you knew you had somewhere. Gamefolios are the perfect solution to your sewing organization needs!

Organization is Key!

Whether you sew every day because you’re a DIY YouTube fashionista or maybe just once a year to hem some pants, there are many little parts and pieces to keep track of to get the job done such as needles, threads, buttons, fabric, etc. Staying organized can be a nightmare, and being able to find what you need for a project is crucial to your sanity and success as a sewer. While the Gamefolio was originally designed to organize board games, we have discovered many alternative applications, and it’s perfect for sewing and quilting.

Be Done With Random Storage

While using random boxes, drawers, and ziplock bags for your sewing stuff can work, everything inevitably becomes hard to find with needles poking out everywhere. The Gamefolio is a reliable way to organize all your sewing and quilting supplies in an effective and easy to see way. Maybe it’s time to dump out that drawer, make some piles, and delight in all of the Gamefolio pockets and pouches.

Whether it is for projects around the house or for taking your sewing on the road, the Gamefolio is a simple, smart choice, with the small pockets, zipper pouches, and high durability to get the most out of your favorite hobbies.

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