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February 14, 2017

Hey Everyone,

We have received additional information on the shipments for each fulfillment center: (Reminder: In most cases, your reward will ship from the fulfillment center nearest you.)

  • Europe: As stated in our last update, this shipment has arrived at the fulfillment center and is being reviewed, inventoried and checked in. If all looks good then they will start packing and shipping rewards this week or next!
  • USA: This shipment reached port last week and is making its way through customs processing. Customs is taking a bit longer than anticipated but should finish this week, which will put the arrival of the shipment to the fulfillment center next week. It will take the fulfillment center a few days to inventory everything and check in the shipment. If everything looks good then they could start shipping in the next 2 weeks.
  • Canada: We have received information that there was an issue with the original Canada shipment that is causing a delay, however, we have enough extra inventory coming to our US center to be able to cover the Canada portion. So, we have arranged for our US center to ship the extra inventory to our Canada center to cover all Canada rewards. This will cause a few extra days of delay on the Canada rewards but was our best option to move things forward as quickly as possible to resolve the issue.
  • Asia: We expected the Asia rewards to start sending out sooner than the other regions due to closer proximity to the factory, however, the shipment got stalled in transit due to some miscommunication between the factory and the fulfillment center and Chinese New Year. The shipment is moving again now that CNY is over. It should arrive at our fulfillment center this week or early next and start shipping out soon thereafter.
  • Australia/New Zealand: We received an update that there was a routing issue on this shipment, which caused it to get tied into the Asia shipment. As a result, it will be routing through our Asia center and then onto our Australia center. This will delay final delivery on these rewards. We will send out additional info with more specifics on timing when we have it.

Thanks for your continued patience and support. It's exciting to be so close to getting rewards into your hands.

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