Shipping Challenges Update

December 07, 2016

Hey Everyone,

Update time. We wanted to make sure that we had exhausted every avenue on the shipping challenge prior to this update.

(A brief recap for those who missed the previous update: Recently one of the largest shipping companies in the world, Hanjin, went out of business. This caused global shipping delays. The ensuing chaos and domino effect this created, caused our place in the shipping queue to be bumped back a few weeks.)

Our most recent conversation with shipping companies was yesterday and they have finalized our place in the shipping queue. Our product is scheduled to ship out to our fulfillment centers the 3rd week of Dec. It should arrive to ports the first week of January. Then a few days to clear customs and a few days for the fulfillment centers to finalize and send each or your individual shipments. Depending on your local shipping carrier, most of you should receive your rewards mid-late January. Those in South America, the Middle East, and a few other harder to reach locations may take a bit more time.

Again, we are frustrated with this delay and have done what we can, but it is largely out of our control. Thanks again for your patience and support.

The Vault bags and Gamefolio cases look great and perform exceptionally. We are really excited to get them into your hands.

We will send out another update soon to show you more detailed pictures and video of the final product. Here is a sneak peek demonstrating the water resistance of the material used for the Gamefolios and Vault bags.

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