Shipment Progress and Our New Website!

February 01, 2017

Hey Everyone,

Here is the latest!

Shipping Progress: Shipments to our fulfillment centers are on track with the info from our last update. They should start arriving to ports next week! Then a few days to get through customs and on to our fulfillment centers, then on to you. Most of you will start receiving your rewards within a few short weeks. You will get an email with your tracking information once a fulfillment center has packaged and sent your specific rewards.

Shipping Process: Recently some backers have had questions regarding how the shipping process works. In each of our shipping updates we've tried to outline the shipping process along with the associated timelines and logistics involved but I've put together some additional info in this update in an attempt to further clarify how it works:

1. We are shipping rewards via ocean freight to 5 different fulfillment centers throughout the world. We are using multiple fulfillment centers to dramatically reduce shipping costs for backers and in most cases eliminate import fees for backers. Each of the shipments will take different amounts of time to arrive to their destination ports depending on distance, weather, how busy the ports are, etc. This portion of the trip takes several weeks.

2. Once each ship arrives to port the rewards must then pass through customs in each port. Getting through customs does not have a specific timeline. It usually takes a few days but depending on various factors may take longer.

3. Once customs is cleared, then the rewards continue on from the port to our fulfillment center in that region. We have 5 fulfillment centers; US, Canada, China, Germany, Australia.

4. When the rewards arrive at the fulfillment centers they are separated out into your specific individual rewards, packed and then shipped to each backer individually. Each of our fulfillment centers are packing and shipping hundreds to thousands of our items, not to mention other projects they are fulfilling, so it can take several days for them to go through the process of taking in the shipment, organizing it for picking and packing and then shipping each individual reward. Once the fulfillment center ships your specific reward they will email you your specific tracking info.

As you can see there are several variables that make pinpointing a specific ship date for any particular backer or even any specific fulfillment center an improbable endeavor. We have tried to give as clear a timeline as possible throughout our updates.

I hope that helps clarify the shipping process, timeline, and logistics involved. Making the shipping process and pricing as friendly as possible for as many backers as possible has been a complex endeavor, especially when you consider we have thousands of backers in dozens of countries all across the world. We have learned a lot through this initial experience that will definitely make any future projects even better!

Our New Website: We recently launched our updated website. It has a lot of new features, pictures, and other info. Take a look around.

Thanks for your continued support. Have a great day!


Curtis, Josh and the Team!

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