Rewards Reached US Fulfillment Center and Crowdfunding Video Awards

February 21, 2017

Rewards Reached US Fulfillment Center and Crowdfunding Video Awards

Hey Everyone,

Rewards Reached Our US Fulfillment Center

We just received information that rewards have arrived at our US fulfillment center. This center covers the US, Mexico, Central and South America. We will also be sending inventory from here to our Canada fulfillment center. 

The fulfillment center is reviewing the shipment to make sure there are no issues and if all looks good then they will start packing and shipping rewards this week! When your specific reward has been shipped you will receive an email with tracking information.

China Fulfillment Center

The China fulfillment center is receiving inventory this week and will quickly start shipping rewards out after everything is checked. They will also forward on the Australia/New Zealand inventory to our Australian fulfillment center as well.

Crowdfunding Video Awards

We need your help. Our Kickstarter video has been nominated to participate in the Crowdfunding Video Awards. We would really appreciate your vote to help us make it to the finals. It only takes a minute. Just go to the following link and click on the green Vote button below our video. Feel free to share this with your friends as well. Voting ends at 9 PM US Pacific Time on Thursday, February 23, so please take a moment to vote for our video now! Click HERE to Vote For Us.

Lastly, when you receive your rewards, some of you may notice they have that new product scent. The odor you are smelling will go away in a few days and is a similar phenomenon to what you experience with new furniture, a new car, dry cleaning, etc.


Curtis, Josh, and the Team

PS: Here are a few pictures of the shipment at the US fulfillment center.

Gamefolio US ShipmentGamefolio Cases at our US fulfillment centerRemovable zipper pouch bundles at US fulfillment center

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