Kickstarter Update: Pledge Manager Survey Now Open!

November 25, 2016

Hey Everyone!

Thanks again for your support and help. We are excited to announce that the pledge manager is now open.

You will each receive an email notification shortly with instructions on how to access the pledge manager. 

Through the pledge manager you will:

  • Confirm your shipping info
  • Have the option to upgrade your reward or add-on additional items
  • Pay for international shipping fees and any additional shipping for add-on items
  • Select specific color options for each Vault bag and Gamefolio case on your reward or that you add-on

The pledge manager only takes a few, quick minutes to complete so please make sure you go through it soon so we can finalize everything and be all set to deliver your rewards by the end of the year.

When going through the pledge manager, if you have any trouble or need assistance with anything, please send us a message on Kickstarter or email us at so we can take care of you. We are here for you, so please let us know what you need or if you have any questions. 

Pledge Manager FAQ's

What if I don't see the pledge manager email yet? 

Check your spam and/or junk folder. If you use Gmail, sometimes your invite will go to your "Promotions" tab. If you still can't find it, search your inbox for "PledgeManager".

If that doesn't work:

  • Click - 
  • Click "Request New Invite" 
  • Enter your email address (the one you pledged with) 
  • Wait at least 10 minutes - then go to your email, open the invite, and click the giant button to confirm all your goodies 

And if that doesn't work, check the FAQ page @ and submit a support request.

There's something wrong with my pledge! 

That's not impossible. If you notice something is awry, you can submit a support request at or send us a message directly to and we'll look at it for you.

What if I need to change my address? 

As long as your items have not been shipped, you can always change your address. Just simply log back in to the pledge manager and make the appropriate change. However, if you change your country, additional shipping costs may apply.

Example Color Options: 

Here are some examples of what the color options will look like. These are just example renderings to give you an idea of the general colors. Actual material may look a bit different.





Dark Green
Dark Green



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