Kickstarter Update: International Shipping Update

November 25, 2016

Hi Everyone,

We’ve connected with several international fulfillment companies to get a more accurate picture of estimated shipping rates to your country/region. Where possible we will be shipping your rewards from within your country or region. This is true for the EU, Australia, Canada, China and the US. If you are outside of those areas we will be shipping to you from a fulfillment center as near you as possible to keep shipping as low as possible.

In most cases we will also be covering things like VAT, duties and other import taxes/fees.

Below are estimated international shipping costs. These shipping costs will be managed and collected through our pledge manager after the Kickstarter campaign ends. (US shipping is shown when you select a reward level and collected when you submit your pledge. So US backers are already done with shipping fees.)

If you don’t see your country below then look for a nearby country and your rates will be similar. If you would like more specifics on your country please message us directly so we can take care of you.

These are estimates so if there is opportunity for additional savings we will make that happen for each country/region. If you see something that looks off please message us.

Please note that the below estimates are for the specific reward listed at the top of each column. Any rewards that you Add-On to your pledge will add to the cost of shipping but they will be bundled with the overall package so the total shipping will be much less than if the items were to be shipped separately.

Thanks for your help and patience on this!

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