Kickstarter Update: Fourth Stretch Goal Unlocked! Color Options!

November 25, 2016

Hey Everyone,

The Color Options stretch goal has been unlocked!

We can hardly believe how fast these stretch goals have unlocked. You've helped us blow right past the Color Options stretch goal and we are already approaching the Lifetime Warranty stretch goal. This is truly amazing and we are humbled by your tremendous support!

We are really excited to be able to offer both the Vault bag and Gamefolio cases in different color options. The current light gray color will remain an option and all backers can vote on additional color options to be produced. See below on voting. 

Through our pledge manager you will then be able to select the specific color option you want, based on the options voted in by everyone. Color options have no additional cost to backers.

Adding color options to the first manufacturing run of a new product is often not possible due to the additional costs and logistics involved. However, thanks to all of you, our incredible backers, its happening for The Gamefolio System!

While we hope to continue offering color options for future retail, we can’t guarantee that will be the case, so now is the time to pledge and vote so you can ensure you have the option!

Looking forward to reaching the next stretch goal and beyond!!!


Curtis and Josh

How to Vote:

Cast your color vote here by leaving a comment on this update with your top choice from the image below. We will tally the votes and the top 3 colors will be produced, along with the current light gray option. (Based on demand and resources we will attempt to add additional color options if viable.)

NOTE: These are examples to help in your voting. Actual material color may vary.
NOTE: These are examples to help in your voting. Actual material color may vary.

Also note that the strap, handles and other elements that are black on the current Vault bag and Gamefolios will also be black on the color option versions.

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