Kickstarter Update: Color Examples

November 25, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well!

Below are a few pictures to give you a clearer view of the fabric colors. You can see samples of the Gray, Blue and Purple. The Green will be a similar fabric type as the others but the color will be like the Green color swatch shown below.

The fabric for both the Vault bag and the Gamefolios is a highly durable Nylon with a polyurethane backing and a hydrophobic layer on the outside. Water beads up and rolls right off!

We have decided to switch the padding in the Gamefolios to EVA foam. The previous foam padding was great but we wanted to make it even better. This will cost us extra on the manufacturing but we are committed to making a high quality product that will take great care of your games!


We are very excited about how the product is turning out and can't wait to get you your rewards!


Curtis & Josh

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