Kickstarter Update: Stretch Goals Announcement!!!

November 25, 2016

No doubt, we have the best backers around! Thanks for being so supportive, informative, and excited about The Gamefolio System!

We’ve listened closely to your feedback and need your help to unlock these stretch goals to give you the rewards you’ve been asking for.

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Thanks again for your feedback. Here’s what your input created:

4x and 8x Packs of Gamefolios at $130,000 

Many of you have specifically asked for bigger packages of Gamefolios at discounted pledge rates. We are rapidly approaching this stretch goal and are excited to unlock it, giving you the ability to load up on Gamefolio cases!

Group Packages at $150,000 

There will be two group pledge options of 5x and 10x packs of the Complete Gamefolio System. (Including Vault bags, Gamefolio cases and removable zipper pouches as currently comes with each Complete system.) These options are perfect for groups, families, game shops and anyone else wanting to get the best deals on multiple Complete Gamefolio Systems.

Rain Cover at $165,000 

The Vault bag and Gamefolio cases are very protective and water resistant by themselves but this rain cover stretch goal adds another layer of protection to the system, making it extremely weather proof.

Color Options at $185,000 

We love the idea of color options and have wanted to make this happen. This just wasn’t possible out of the gate. However, thanks to all of you, this is now within reach and we can make it happen with your help. Once this is unlocked we will give all backers the chance to vote on several color options to see which ones make the cut!

Lifetime Warranty at $225,000 

We’ve saved a big one for last: Lifetime Warranty on our products once we reach $225,000 in pledges. We really believe in our product, and are taking the time to make it right. This stretch goal shows our long term commitment to you, our product and the exciting times ahead! We are pumped about this and know that with your help we can achieve this stretch goal together.

Ultimately we can’t do any of this without you and need your help in bringing these stretch goals to life. We are committed to doing everything we can to make each of them a reality and thank you for anything you can do to help.

So spread the word and lets make these goals happen!

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