Kickstarter Update: Dimensions, Card Games, Timeline and Stretching!

November 25, 2016

Hey Everyone!

We can’t thank you enough for all the support and we are so happy to have you on this journey with us. Really exciting! 

A few updates: 

Vault bag and Gamefolio case Dimensions: To help clarify the dimensions on both the Vault bag and the Gamefolio case we have added the following graphics, with the dimensions outlined, to the project description as well as created an FAQ with these details. We’ve also added an FAQ with a list of Game Boxes that will fit flat in the main Vault bag compartment. We will continue to test games in the Gamefolio case as well and will give updates on that down the road. Hope this helps.

Card Games: We’ve been getting several questions about how well the Gamefolio case handles games that are more card centric and how many cards it can hold. We’ve been testing this and the current design can hold over 600 cards in 1 Gamefolio case. (That’s not even including the additional pockets on the inside of the Gamefolio flap.) 

Here is how we did it: The removable 4”x4.25” clear zipper pouches can each hold over 50 cards. Each Gamefolio includes 6 but there is room enough that you can stack another 6 on those, possibly more. So 12 removable clear zipper pouches, each holding 50+ cards, is 600 cards. You'll need some additional zipper pouches with each Gamefolio to use this solution so be sure to Add-On to your pledge for that. Alternatively you can use other cardholders as well so long as they aren’t too bulky to fit in the Gamefolio case. 

Timeline: We have been working closely with our manufacturer to make sure they understand the scale we are seeing so they are prepared well ahead of time to manage it and to keep our original timeline solidly intact. They’ve assured us that everything is looking good and the original timeline is secure. When originally deciding on manufacturers some key elements were quality and scalability so we are confident they can handle the volume. 

Here is a timeline graphic to give you a better understanding of the steps and process we are and will be working through to bring The Gamefolio System to life. 

Stretching: We have been listening closely to your input and feedback and are in the process of finalizing stretch goals. We will be announcing them this coming week. So please keep sharing and spreading the word about The Gamefolio System and stay tuned! 

Again thank you all for your support. This really wouldn’t be possible without you. Have a stellar weekend! 

- Curtis and Josh - 

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