International Tabletop Day

April 29, 2017

International Tabletop Day

It was International Tabletop Day on April 29th, and what better way to celebrate it then by having friends over for a board game extravaganza! Our friends really wanted to play Camel Up, and we were happy to oblige them.

Camel Up is a super fun game that appeals to a broad range of ages and types of players. Each player is a spectator in a crazy camel race. It is very fast so it is fun for even casual gamers. My 8-year-old son loves playing this game and so does my game-wary 50-something mother. One game generally takes less than 30 minutes, and if players are experienced it can wrap up in 15-20 minutes. At the same time it can serve up to 8 players so it is an awesome choice for a group game.

The best part of Camel Up for my casual gamer friends is that it has a large luck-based component. We are serious gamers at our house, and we frequently play strategy-based games, and that is intimidating to some friends who are just looking to have a little tabletop fun without too much brainwork. They want to be able to have a chance to win without having to review strategy guides. But that doesn’t mean that Camel Up isn’t fun for serious gamers. There are ways to win more frequently and by bigger margins, and that appeals to some of the more hardcore among our friend circle.

We like to store our group games together in Gamefolios so that we can grab one or two folios and have several options. We try to keep games that service the same number of players but are very different together. We store Camel Up with Last Word—another one of our favorite group games.

What did you do to celebrate International Tabletop Day?

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