Happy Earth Day 2017!

April 22, 2017

Happy Earth Day 2017!

Happy Earth Day 2017!  Time for some earthy gaming fun. I looked in my closet to find a game with an earthy feel to it, and Settlers of Catan sorta fits the bill.  It has great nature inspired art and a globe like set-up, kinda.  Yes, it is true that Catan is all about collecting and using resources, but to win you must use them wisely and technically the resource cards in the game are renewable ;-)

But what is a game day without yummy snacks or perhaps some awesome Catan-inspired decor?  Check out these incredible looking Catan inspired snacks: 

Click Here for Awesome Catan Snack Ideas

So, after you've planted a tree and done some recycling, what else did you do on this Earth Day?  I hope you make it fun with some Catan (or other board game) memories.

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